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It’s been a long wait but we’re excited to say … “Welcome back to training”

Before we get onto the field there are some important points to remember.

  • SANITISER – Players must bring their own hand sanitizer with you. This will avoid sharing of equipment.
  • ARRIVAL TIME – Arrive on time, 5 minutes prior is early enough.
  • REGISTER YOUR ATTENDANCE – Register your attendance with your manager or coach.  THIS IS COMPULSORY.
  • BE READY TO START – Players will be told in advance which quarter of the field they need to arrive (e.g. blue quarter).
  • TRAINING BEGINS – Players will go to their allotted areas, put their water bottle down by one of the cones and begin their warmup (players will have been sent an individual warm up in advance to complete on arrival – great if players have something to time themselves – e.g. phone.).
  • AT THE END OF TRAINING – Do not hang around after training.

If you are sick – don’t train.  Stay at home.

If your are feeling well before training and then start feeling unwell during training please advise your coach of manager.

No physical contact should occur between players.  Maintain your 1.5m spacing.  That includes no high-fives, handling bibs, shaking hands, hugs etc.

Change over from 5-6pm slot to 6-7pm slot will be critical as this when all 4 teams will be at the ground. Please go straight to your car (departing) or to your field area (arrival) – NO MINGLING !

During each break in play or at the end of the session, all coaches and players should reapply hand sanitiser. This is especially important before getting into cars and leaving the premises.

Spectators are not permitted to watch training.   If a parent needs to stay to supervise, they are encouraged to wait in the car.

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